Inspired images start where the line between photographer and subject
stops—leaving just friends. My priority is erasing this line.
Since 1985 I've been a professional photojournalist
capturing life through the lens of a camera.
Every image is a privilege; one that fills me
with responsibility and a child’s enthusiasm.

I’ve carried this enthusiasm with me since going out on my own in
2000 when I launched Kirk Hirota Photography (I know, I know—really
original name). But I hope what my business name might lack in pizzazz,
my images will more than make up for in creativity and quality. On the
corporate level, I can provide the shot you script with eye-catching
innovation. If it’s a wedding, I blend comfortably into the mix, seeking
images as poignant as the day itself. From the sidelines, I get the shots
that yank you out of the bleachers and onto the field. And throughout,
state-of-the-art digital equipment guarantees
the highest quality and fastest results.

In addition to operating my freelance business I also teach photojournalism
at Whitworth College in Spokane, Wa. and serve as advisor to the
student publication staff photographers.

When not behind a camera, my wife and I and our two beautiful
daughters enjoy all that Spokane has to offer, from dance and piano
lessons, to completing doctorate courses (my better half), to chasing
a little white ball around a golf course.

Thanks for taking a few moments to enjoy the images on this site.